Museums that you can visit virtually?

With more than 8 million objects, the British Museum is one of the most fascinating collections. The museum partnered with Google streetview to offer a virtual experience for museum attendees so you can view the collection directly from home. The MET will always be among my favorite collections to explore. But the good news is that for art lovers, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers really great tours of the museum and its collections without leaving home.

Along with a tour of NASA's facilities in Virginia and Ohio, NASA also has its own app to tour its facilities. Now I don't know about you, but I don't remember the last time I downloaded an app that didn't make the photos on my iPhone look any better, so I guess you'd be more interested in taking a tour of the Langley Research Center. Not only is the Louvre one of the largest art collections in the world, but it is also one of my favorite attractions in Paris. The rooms are full of endless exhibitions to discover and the architecture alone makes it worth a visit.

The Louvre is accessible in 360 degrees, so it really feels like you're visiting in person. Visit the free online tour here. You can now tour 18 gallery rooms within London's National Gallery, which houses an impressive 2,300 works of art. My personal highlight is Van Gogh's sunflowers.

One of the most recent additions to the scene is the De Young Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The museum houses American art dating from the 17th to the 21st centuries. You can enter selected exhibitions here. Fill yourself with modern art, realism, impressionism and more with online exhibits at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

There is also an exhibition featuring Frida Kahlo. With more than 25 online exhibits, the J. The Paul Getty Museum is full of lessons in color, history and life that we can all take home. The National Palace Museum holds a collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artefacts and artwork.

The museum was founded by 2 artists based in Zagreb, film producer Olinka Vištica and sculptor Dražen Grubišić, after their 4-year love relationship came to an end. The museum's partnership with Google Arts and Culture has digitized 6 of the museum's best collections for viewing. The museum features masterpieces such as Rembrandt's The Night Watch and The Jewish Bride, as well as works by Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer, who are known to have contributed significantly to the Golden Age of Dutch art. The museum houses mainly French art dating from 1848 to 1914, including paintings, sculptures, furniture and photographs.

Next, examine these street artists who capture the spirit of their city and “Faces of Frida”, which contains more than 800 works from 33 museums and art centers. The museum has a collection of more than 5,000 ancient scientific instruments dating back to the 13th century, and among its most notable elements is the Galileo telescope used to discover Jupiter's satellites. Pergamon, one of the largest museums in Germany, houses a variety of ancient artifacts, such as Babylon's Ishtar Gate and the Pergamon Altar. The British Museum is one of the largest in the world and houses more than 8 million works within its walls.

The Acropolis Museum focuses on archaeological finds at the site of Athens' most important structure, the Acropolis. The Baltimore National Aquarium offers an interactive virtual tour of all its exhibits, one plant at a time. What was once the house where Anne Frank hid during World War II, is now a museum dedicated to raising awareness of Anne's history and life in the attic. While there, you can learn about his life, his art, and more while taking a virtual tour of his former residence.

When you have finished examining the courtyards, you can tour the Ontology Exhibition “Picasso 1936” to explore how the event was organized and the artist's connection with Barcelona, or the houses where Picasso lived and worked, as well as the places he frequented. The museum contains important archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico's pre-Columbian heritage, such as the Piedra del Sol (or the stone of the Aztec calendar) and the Aztec statue of Xochipilli. . .

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