Are virtual tours worth it?

When done right and also used as part of a digital sales process, virtual tours can greatly benefit you. Do virtual tours help sell real estate faster? To answer that question, PhD candidate Kelley Anderson reviewed data from more than 125,000 residential property sales. Here are the results of their research in a free webinar. My concern with virtual tours is that they can lead to fewer people physically seeing the property and getting excited about it.

Or they may see something on a virtual tour that they don't like and discard it when they don't notice it in person or are too excited about other positive aspects of the property to take care of. Virtual tours are composed as a sequence of still images or videos that give you a simulation of an existing location. Good quality real estate images are everything when it comes to real estate listings, as 89% of people find them very useful together, and 85% prefer detailed property information. A 360-degree tour can guide potential customers through the interior of your virtual playground.

Reviewing this virtual tour can even illustrate the unique atmosphere of space. The quantity needed to produce a virtual tour depends on the quality. The lowest budget is to use 360-degree photographs. But if you want to create a good quality virtual tour experience, you'll need good photographic equipment, which will cost you a few dollars more.

Professionals will need 4K equipment and more. There is usually no limit to how much you can spend to produce a virtual video, as there are many items to consider. Tours are very important, but sometimes they can be difficult to schedule. If you are currently in school or working, it can be difficult to take time off to visit a campus.

If you have children, it may seem too expensive to arrange child care for visits to the three or four colleges you are considering. If your site has a virtual tour on its Google My Business listing, Google will favor its 360 thumbnails as thumbnails displayed in search results. With apps, software and the ability to take 360 virtual real estate tours, the real estate game has changed tremendously. Of course, if it's a bad deal no matter how good your virtual tour is, it will be difficult to find an investor to change your contract to.

Thanks to the evolution of digital photography and virtual images, 360 photos and virtual tours are available. For a 360-degree virtual tour, you will need a special camera, which is placed in the center of a room or area. If an agent is required to attend visits, virtual tours encourage applicants to pre-screen properties, reducing agent travel to valuable trips that are closer to sale. Therefore, in addition to some of the above advantages of virtual tours, physical visits are changing and the biggest disadvantage of a physical tour is the possibility of no shows, what it costs to travel and valuable time.

When it comes to real estate investors, let's say that it can also be beneficial for a wholesaler to take a virtual tour of a property they have under contract. Virtual tours are a great way to raise the online profile of any property and give potential buyers a complete look through the window from the comfort of their couch. From a digital marketing standpoint, you can also reduce your advertising budget, as the engagement and interactivity rates that virtual tours provide will organically increase the visibility of your ad. A virtual tour ensures that customers receive the same level of experience and the same level of detail, without demanding the time of realtors.

As consumers expect remote visits more, the sophistication of Giraffe360's virtual tours will set any agency apart from the competition. It's also easier for people to take a parent, older brother, or other counselor on a virtual visit because it doesn't require them to take time off from work. .

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