Are virtual tours free?

Google Arts and Culture partnered with more than 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours of their spaces. The Paris-based Louvre also offers its own virtual tour online for free. A complete list of free virtual tours that will intrigue and delight all types of travel lovers. Enjoy your first virtual travel experience with us.

This highly polished free virtual tour of the city of Petra, Jordan, is provided by Google. What we really like about this experience is that there is a commentary that gives explorers the opportunity to feel like they are on a real walking tour. AirPano has a variety of trips in China, Portugal, Switzerland and more countries. Children can visit the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China, an underwater cave in Indonesia, ski resorts in France and more destinations around the world.

This period of confinement has been a brake for everyone, especially those who enjoy regular walks and the outdoors. While there is nothing like experiencing them in real life, I dare say that these virtual tours are a worthy substitute for the time being. This dynamic tour allows you to explore the gallery room by room, giving you access to the museum's current exhibitions. This iconic museum located in the heart of London allows virtual visitors to tour the Grand Court and discover the ancient Rosetta stone and Egyptian mummies.

Explore ancient historical artifacts from Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania on this fully interactive virtual tour. Grand Canyon, USA Enjoy a virtual hike and explore one of the most famous national parks in the US. UU. Stroll through the halls of the Doge's Palace or along one of the many surrounding canals on this beautiful virtual tour.

This enriching virtual tour takes you back to Angkor Wat during the Khmer Empire, giving you a truly unique experience of the magnificent temple complex during its haytime. So if you love hidden gems, be sure to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal, if only on a virtual tour for now. It is one of the best-preserved ruins of ancient peoples in North America and you can practically explore Mesa Verde from the comfort of your own home. Google's virtual tour takes you through six contemporary art plants in Korea and around the world.

Or explore life under the real sea with National Marine Sanctuaries, which conduct virtual dives in American Samoas, Florida Keys, Monterey Bay and more. All tours are appropriate for grades 3 to 12, but are marked with notes on the grades most likely to enjoy the tour. The tours are also quite short, which makes these tours ideal for younger children, but older children will still enjoy the trip. Offerings change often, but they currently include an NFL experience, a scribble experience aimed at fostering creativity, and a virtual excursion through the Internet of Things.

The virtual tour follows a detailed route that starts at Bab Al Siq (gateway to the Siq in Arabic) and ends at Al Dier, one of the largest monuments in Petra.

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